Raymond Ebben
Manager at OCS Consulting

I have a strong focus on client satisfaction, relationship building and delivering results of high quality and standard. With a strong technical and economic background and a long track record with SAS software, it is easy for me to bridge the gap between business and technology.
place Den Bosch area
Personal information
account_circle Raymond Ebben, Male, Married
school Bachelor degree, Economics and Computer Science (1996–1999)
domain OCS Consulting (1999-to date)
Career description
2010 – to date Manager at OCS Consulting
2008 – 2010 Project manager / Business analyst / Line manager
2006 – 2008 Consultant / SAS application developer / Project manager
2002 – 2006 (Senior) SAS developer / Clinical trial programmer
1999 – 2002 SAS application developer / Web developer
Current role
Business Unit Manager, responsible for: Managing our Consultants and Project Leaders; Overall responsibility for SAS Consultancy Services of OCS Consulting. Professionalising the Project organisation. Building and maintaining relationships and account management for our Key Accounts. Analysis and exploration of market trends to identify opportunities and to design and implement new services & offerings.
Soft skills
Communication skills Strong verbal and written communication skills, Good listener and observer.
Teamwork and collaboration Excellent team player; Experienced as team lead as well as team member.
Adaptability Willing and able to adapt; Do value being critical in understanding the "Why"
Problem solving Problem solving is second nature; Sometimes quick on my feet, sometimes it takes time to process my thoughts
Critical observation Strong observational skills; Able to pick up subtle differences and deduce from that
Conflict resolution Strong in rational conflict resolution, and negotiation; Less equipped to deal with anger and aggression
Time management Good time management skills. "Should I Do This Now" (Read 5 times putting emphasis on each word once)
SAS skill Rating years experience
Base, SQL, Macro
Enterprise Guide
Management Console
DI Studio
Visual Analytics
Other technical skill Rating years experience
Web techniques
Microsoft office
Windows administration
Linux administration